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Carl's Custom AmpsVintage Custom Deluxe 30 watt 4x10 amplifier. Lou Reed Guitars & Gear List (with Videos). Mods for Fender 57' Tweed Champ Re. Generally I use a little more finish than seen on old …. This is e of the most versatile amps around. Unverified, Supported via Facebook. Can use a 6V6, 6L6GC, 5881, 6L6WGB all without biasing! The Octal Princeton is my modified version of the early Tweed Princeton. FAQ about the Classic Tweed Champ — Carl's Custom Amps. Fender, Tweed Amp, All Tube Combo, 15W — Carl's Custom Amps. Carl's Custom Guitars Speaker Soak 16 Ohm Attenuator. Can use a 6V6 for 5 Watts or any 6L6 type or 5881 tube type for 10 Watts all without biasing! London Power Scaling allows you to get power tube overdrive at any volume. As rob said you might consider building one but be warned it opens the door to a new addiction. Avoid the 8-10 week wait from Carl, plus get the extras (worth $200+) for free. Here's a really cool custom amp I built! It's my new British Special 20. Carl from Carl’s Custom Guitars in Lowell, MA is definitely the only shop that does all three. Please leave a message and I will call back. See more of Blumentritt Amplification on Facebook. Each amp is built one at a time with great care so no. Cabs available! Add London Power Scaling for $200 for complete control over the volume and output. Yours is the best head I own and that saying something!"-Ebay Buyer Orions Shield. E-Boost Echoplex Pre-amp Pedal by Carl's Custom Amps Handwired!! Opens in a new window or tab. The smaller builder amps are far far better quality than the Fender reissues being built today (with the Fender handwired 5e3 deluxe being an exception to this rule). Custom Audio Amplifiers OD 100 SE+ 2007… SLO MARSHALL FENDER. Black Market Custom 2x12 cabinet built by hand in Massachusetts by Black Market Custom. For over 65 years, Carvin has been building high-quality guitars, basses, amps and audio gear for pro and hobbyist musicians alike. Gries 12 Tube Reverb amp is based very closely on the AA1164 Princeton Reverb. For the foreseeable future build times will be between 8 to 14 weeks. I will combine shipping on multiple transformers and refund you the difference. See more of Carl's Custom Amps on Facebook. Carl's Custom Amps Mod Kit for Fender 65' Deluxe Reverb and 68' Custom Deluxe Reverb. The Vagabond is a "real deal" Champ. Finally a JTM-45 with the ability to control the volume! Carl's Custom Amps is high demand please allow 10 to 14 weeks for your amp to be built, tested and shipped. This kit will take your amp in vintage territory. Amp Shop AMPEROR dual overdrive. With everyone stuck inside low wattage is the way to go to get great tone without an ear ache. Carl's Custom Amps CPC-45M Marshall JTM-45 Style Amp 45W Version but the 20W version also with KT66s is listed here on Reverb. Brownface Fender Bassman Clone - Blonde CPC-80 by Carl’s Custom Amps - Hand-wired 80 watt versionThis amp is Carl Carrasco’s handwired version of a brownface Fender Bassman - only a higher wattage version. My main overdrive pedals are the Vemuram TSV808 and the KingTone Guitars Blues Power by Jessie Davey. 00 USD 1X12 Tweed TV Front Combo Amp With London Power Scaling $1,445. The second (forgive the lighting in the pictures) is a custom build. Chris Stapleton is one of the best-known players who uses that model, but my great players have discovered its charms. It's been lacquered and had several components replaced to improve the amp, including an …. Thank you to everyone who has purchased for your business and patience. “Carl, Received the amp last night and I love it!. The Carl Martin is in this category and so are all cheap attenuators. I have been wanting a jtm45 and I just ordered a clone by Carl's Custom Amps. Extension Cabs: We build matching ext. Customer Comments: “Hi Carl, Recieved Tweed Princeton head. 99 USD 30W Version with KT66s $1,864. They are found in a handful of Brownface and Blonde Fender Amps. Carl's Custom Amps CPC-30 T Tweed Pro 2022 Dark Lacquered Tweed. Great for loud ampsperfect taper for old Marshall that seem to go from 0 to 7lol The Reverb Dream Gear Giveaway Your chance to win a Juno-106 or JU-06A Enter now Close. 1X12 Weber speaker, 100% tube 50/50 Marshall fender sounds. top shelf components and maybe the tidiest build I've ever seen. Bad Cat Custom Built Classic Deluxe 20 Watt Class A Tube Amplifier Head 2018 Grey Cloth WrapThis Bad Cat Classic Deluxe was a custom order, not just in it's 20w head format, but also touting the addition of a mid control which the standard Custom. Carl's Custom Amps Facebook Page: Carl's Custom Amps builds boutique quality tube amps for guitar an. I then made it into slightly hot rodded Tweed Amp which fits the. Tweed Stage Pro Twin/Bassman with Power Scaling. An upgrade from the Texas Tone 30, the Texas Tone 50 has two Eminence 12" speakers, a larger output transformer,. Important: Please allow 10 to 14 weeks to be built, tested and shipped. Combo is all original Carl's Custom quality with the following UPGRADES:-vintage RCA tubes-red light (not Carl's yellow)- Jupiter ceramic 8" 4ohm-Amish leather handle-spike hammer feet-fender cloth RCA speaker wire From. I have been wanting a jtm45 and I just ordered a clone by Carl’s Custom Amps. Some new amp builds! The first one is my first head version of my British Royale 15 which is a Vox Ac-30 inspired amp but with a better EQ (mids pots and voicing switches) and London Power Scaling. Weber classic alnico 8" speaker. Padded or Canvas Covers can be ordered with your amp. Ace Tone Mighty 5 - Vintage All Tube Amp - Guitar Head - Made in Japan. Carl's Custom Amps _Texas Tremolo 1x12 combo XX NO RESERVE XX + $85. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Bypassable master volume is optional. Great sounding preamp that is used by great guitar players like( Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Eddie Van Halen, built by bob bradshaw/John SureGreat condition, it's nice to find one of theseThe preamp is original with no modsI'm the first owner of the preampvery good condit. The amp is designed specifically for harp! The octal pre-amp tube gives a fat smooth sound and special circuitry minimizes feedback and accommodates any Hi-Z microphone including crystal mics that sometimes interact poorly with an amp designed for guitar. Carl's Custom Amps · July 20, 2018 · · July 20, 2018 ·. Bought from the original owner. Carl's Custom Amps 2x10 Lacquered Tweed Extension Cabinet. In general non-master volume amps are more dynamic and responsive to the player‘s touch since the pre-amp is directly interacting with the power amp. Carl’s Custom Amps with PRS Custom 24. Here's two new amps I just sent out. IN STOCK and READY to SHIP! The 48' Booster/Overdrive is a great dirty boost/overdrive pedal. Carl's Custom Amps Tumblin Dice 2X12 Combo High Power Tweed Twin Alinco Speakers 40W or 80W. com The Blonde CPC20 is essentially a 1964 Bassman at heart, but with a few tweaks to the brains and power. So, like many of you, I got the Stew-Mac email flyer this week about the outboard spring reverb kit. Recently serviced by Jeff Bakos in Atlanta, GA. Types of Tremolos in Tube Amps — Carl's Custom Amps. Mods and Mod Kits for Fender 57' Tweed Deluxe. ⦁ Many of component values are what you would expect in Fender designed amp so you have some sonic similarity. 20W Blonde Fenderstyle with Trem CPC. Contact Carl's Custom Amps via email on the contact page or by phone 575-640-6833. Carl's Custom Guitars 16 ohm Speaker Soak Guitar Amp Volume …. Baffle board is from a 60's Newcomb record player. Carl's Custom Amps CPC-30T Tweed Super Style 30 or 15 Watts All Tube Video Demo. and warm clean guitar tones or fat growl when pushed a bit. The kit includes new F&T filter caps, long-life radial electrolytics, parts for various circuit tweaks, a new larger output transformer (made exclusively for Carl's Custom Amps), and a Weber CTC10 speaker for great vintage Fender. The cabinet is made out of solid wood, im not sure what it is but I'm going to guess pine with a fantastic purple tolex over it. Industrial Amps Rock 120 Combo White Handmade Boutique Tube Guitar Amplifier. Amp is set pretty much between clean and crunch using a Dr Z brake lite to bring it down two or three notches- amp has a 10 inch Alni. Indeed, early guitar amps rarely put out more than the higher figure, until the arrival of the 80-watt Fender Twin of the late 1950s, and a few. The perfect combo amp! Ten watts of all-tube power with London Power power scaling down to 1/10 watts for complete control of tone from warm cleans to pure tube overdrive. Tyler Amps 20/20 Needtobreathe Edition. Tyler Amps JT-14 / PT-14 Head and Cab (RARE) $1,500. Carl's Custom Amps Texas Tremolo---Tweed 5F11 Vibrolux Style Amps Please allow 3 to 5 weeks to be built tested and shipped. British Bluesmaster 20W to 1/10W JTM-45 style head with KT66s. I don't need it for bedroom volumes. It solves the problem of an EXTREMELY touchy volume knob on your amp, you know what I mean: zero has no volume but 1 or 2 is already MUCH too loud. Handwired 6G3 Brown Deluxe Single-Channel 20-watt Tube Amplifier Head. As of the 9th of May 2023, Carl's Custom Amps will focus our line of amps and custom amp builds, vintage amp restorations, vintage amp repairs, boutique amp repairs, and the mods services we offer. Carl's Custom Amps Classic Tweed Deluxe Head 5E3 15 watts Video Demo! Best 5E3 Anywhere! $1,690. Tweed Stage Pro Twin/Bassman with Power Scaling — Carl's Custom Amps. When designing my amps I experiment with different speakers and speaker setups to get the best sound possible. Carl's Custom Amps Tweed Recording Pro London Power Scaling Power 10W to 1/10W! Champ/Princeton. 3rdRail Amps - Brown Deluxe 6G3 - Handwired - 1-12" Repro Cab - Vintage Jensen. Carl's Custom Amps 1x12 Lacquered Tweed Ext. Chicago Harp Master Amp 15W or 30W. 2022 Marshall 1959HW Handwired 100 Watt All Tube Plexi Head!*SHOP DEMO! WARRANTY! VERY NICE!!! $3,499 $500 price drop. It was converted to better sounding AA864 circuit from the AA165 and the Bass channel was re-voiced for guitar …. Carl's Custom Amps Dino-Fuzz Silicon Fuzz Face READY TO SHIP Description: The Dino-Fuzz is my version of the 60's Silicon Fuzz Face like Jimi Hendrix used with the Band of Gypsies. I am including a JJ GZ34 and 5Y3 rectifier for each amp. One hi input/one lo input, etc. VHT 50CL-G (has graphic EQ) Late 90s. talking to him now about doing something voxy. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Carl's Custom Amps British Champion 8 inch Combo Champ meets JTM. Custom (contact with specs) $50 to $100. escription, Pricing, and information on Carl's Custom Amps Classic 5F1 Tweed Champ. Benson Amps 10th Anniversary Benmaster 5E7 3x10 Combo 1 of 10. It quickly became apparent that it was going to cost me a few hundred dollars to fix my $325 amp. It can be hear on all sorts of other classic rock and. Ask about our 1x12 version too Stock Cosmetics are Tweed but custom cosmetics are possible. Blackstar STJ506L6C St James 50 Watt 6L6 Tube Combo Amp. July 17, 2021 · I though I'd share some of latest repairs and mods. Carl's Custom Amps Tweed Recording Pro Head10W to 1/10W London Power Scaling Champ Tones. 7 Watt JCM 800 Style Carl's Custom Amps British Custom 7 Hand wired Video Demo! $899. Carl's Custom Guitars Speaker Soak 16 Ohm Attenuator. Classic Tone's Description: Amps Used In: Tweed. Carl's Custom Amps Octal Princeton 1x8 Combo 5/10W Amp For the foreseeable future build times will be between 8 to 14 weeks. It's so nice to have good customers! I received. The kit includes new F&T filter caps, long-life radial electrolytics, parts for various circuit tweaks, a new larger output transformer (made exclusively for Carl's Custom Amps). It's got warm sparkle to it's sound and very tube like response. Controls: Volume, Treble, Mids, Bass, and bright switch. Play Carl's Custom Amps and discover followers on SoundCloud | Stream tracks, albums, playlists on desktop and mobile. A small amp will be more than powerful enough to get any cone moving. carl's custom amps custom made tube amps, tweed amps, plexi amps, expert repairs and mods output transformers and chokes in the music industry. For those unfamiliar the TRP has a Champ/Princeton circuit with tube swapping capabilities and London Power Scaling. So I've been looking for a Champ style amp to play at home and a friend recommended Carl's Custom Amps. Description: The Tumblin' Dice (in honor of Keith Richards) is our take on the Fender 5F8A High Powered Twin that captures the sound but with small circuit improvements that make the amp more reliable, and less noisy. The History of the Fender Princeton: Part I — Carl's Custom Amps. The Tone is to die for! New these are 1040. It's so nice to have good customers!. 1950 Fender - Deluxe Wide Panel Tweed Amp. After getting it to sound like it should I also installed a bypassable master volume and the Bass Channel was converted into a bluesy lead channel. Carl's Custom Amps 2x10 Lacquered Tweed Extension Cabinet Your Choice of Speakers. Introduction to Classic Tweeds. This Blonde 20 amp with London Power. During my search I came across Carl's Custom Amps (carlscustomamps. Q: How does a 12" speaker affect the sound? A: The amp is louder with a firmer bottom end. Carvin was founded in 1946 by Lowell Kiesel as the L. All his amps are hand wired and he offers a number of standard models but with many options. Carl's Custom Amp uses these in for their Classic Tweed Champ, Octal Princeton, Texas Tremolo and other models that are sold and played world wide. Fender went back to a grid leak biased first gain stage giving the amp a gritty sound. Carl's Reverb shop is like a guitar. Such a killer amp! The 7591 tubes give this amp such a cool tone. Carl's Custom Amps tweed Reverb / Tremolo unit. Another terrific amp from Louis Electric. Lots has been discussed about these amps (as well as his Love 146 model). The Deluxe Metal Volume Box Attenuator!25000+ sold worldwide since 1998!!!Brand new full moneyback satisfaction guarantee!!!From Carl's Custom Guitars original Volume Box lets you expand your amp's range of volume & dial in much more USABLE tones at lower/more manageable volumes (without driv. After going through amp after amp after amp I knew I had to try something else so I contacted Carl's custom amps in New Mexico and together we came up with an amp that was exactly what I needed more. It's really really loud! Any 100 Watt or 50 Watt British hi gain amp is too loud to play in most clubs (without an attenuator) and definitely too loud to practice in the bedroom with. It comes in the classic 4x10 combo or as a 2x10, 1x12, or head. Here's a pair of interesting restorations! The first one is 1956 Fender Tweed Champ a customer found in barn. If you want the combo I’ll re-list it for $2200 all together ($100 discount). Speaker Soak 4 Ohm Attenuator (3) 1 available for $55. Selling my personal hand built BK20 amp class model. Classic Tweed CPC 30 Bandmaster/Pro/Super Style 30 or 15W. Introduction to Classic Tweeds; " I own 7 custom fender amp heads previously my favorite a 1947 600 Champ with odd tubes next was a Fender Pro. Carl equips the guitar with a “Carl Thompson” Custom bridge. Please allow 10 to 14 weeks for your amp to be built, tested, and shipped. Also, Little Dawg Amps makes hand wired, high quality F circuits. Carl's Custom Amps is in high demand! Please allow 9 to 15 weeks to be built, tested, and shipped. Carl's Custom Amps British Custom 7 2020s. Please allow 48 hours for a response for quotes on custom amps. I started researching alternatives and stumbled on Carl’s Custom Amps in New Mexico (I’m in MA, so definitely not local). With Carl's Custom Amps you are purchasing an expertly built and designed amp not a paint by the numbers clone. Happy New Year Everyone! I thought. It will be reliable for most except that that run their amps cranked up at all times. This is a British Vintage 12 from Carl's Custom Amps, and a 'bedroom'/small situation player's dream. Carl (Carl's Custom Amps) builds vintage style tubes amps from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Carl's Custom Amps Classic Tweed Deluxe 5E3 15 watts The best 5E3 you can buy! Brand New. A couple of new amps! They are both. carls custom amps blonde 20 head cover $35. ACR AMPLIFICATION Hawaii Tel: 808-292-8331 [email protected] CARL’S CUSTOM AMPS New Mexico carlscustomamps. I have the first Carl’s Custom Amps Tweed Stage Pro which is a high power tweed twin with power scaling. Last week in amps! I build these this past week. Carl's Custom Amps Classic Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Dark Tweed Video Demo! Best 5E3 Anywhere! $1,799. Carl's Custom Amps British Bluesmaster 20W to 1/10W JTM-45 Style head with Power Scaling. Read on to learn more about converting three-phase power to amps. Victoria Fender Reverb Unit Cover 1962 Brown. For the foreseeable future build times will be between 10 to 164weeks. It had be in storage for many years and the cabinet's tolex was in tatters and even the insulation on. 5F1 - 5F2 Tweed Champ Princeton Atomic Garage Amps "Sputnik Junior" 12" Speaker - Rough Brown Tolex …. My favorite of the Tex Amp lineup. It has the necessary headroom, dynamic response and feel through the full tonal spectrum, from subtle blues and county to high gain rock and heavy metal. Bare Fist Brawler Treble Booster. Top notch hand wiring and workmanship. Carl's Custom Amps IN STOCK 1x12 Compact 60's Style Ext. This amp was commissioned 8 years ago to Carl's Custom Amps by a customer friend of mine who is a gear head to say the least. Carl's Custom Guitars handmade USA dovetailed pine 1x12. The Fender Hand Wired Princeton Reverb is another one of Fender’s newer custom shop reissues that comes close but need some work to sound like the original amp. My recommendation would totally depend on what Tweed your looking for and do you want a dead on recreation or a builders “take” on the amp. Unique replica of the Fender 5C2 from Carl's Custom amps that has some added features the original didn't have. Deluxe Reverb '65 Handwired Professional Model by FireBelly,. Carl's Custom Amps Black Lacquered Tweed Recording Pro London Power Scaling 10W to 1/10W! $1,485.   At 20 watts, it is just perfect for both gig and home/studio duties. The normal wait time is 12 to 16 weeks. General tweed wear - scuffs and scratches, some thin spots and a few corners have worn through to bare wood. That is were the British Custom 7 and British Custom 12. Often, I am testing amps or using loud machinery. And because we sell directly to the customer, with no middle man, you can save a lot of money on gear equal to or better than gear found in retail shops. Carl's Custom AmpsBlonde CPC-20 1X12 Combo AmpBlonde Fender Style AmpFor the foreseeable future build times will be between 10 to 14 weeks. It came in the shop for restoration after being stored for over 20 years. Using a KT66 it puts out 5W glorious watts in to a British voiced Celestion 8 inch speaker. November 11, 2019 · I thought I'd share this Tweed Recording Pro (TRP) with custom cosmetics. Improved grounding system and layout. The Custom input is supposed To be a modified Bassman circuit. Pre-Owned in very good condition with some minor wear. Carl's Custom Amps Dark Tweed Tumblin' Dice High Power Tweed Twin Style Head 40W or 80W. See more of Mission Amplifiers on Facebook. Carl's Custom Amps Reverb/Trem Box; Any experiences? Gassage Frets: 30187. Used Custom-Built Phathead JTM45 MKII Clone 30w Handwired Tube Head. Low quality filter caps, some added, circuitry, a failure to use proper screen resistors, and sub optimal speaker all hamper it form being all it can be. It's Clapton's Layla amp, Joe Walsh’s Funk #49, and Keith Richards secret studio weapon on countless Stones tracks. The clean and semi-clean tones are one of the places these amps really shine. Got the amp from Carl and it's stellar. Check this restoration out: This is a 1952 5B3 Tweed Deluxe. Carl's Custom Amps Vintage British 12 2021. Carl's Custom Amps is now offering mods for Fender's 57' Tweed Champ Re-issue and Eric Clapton Vibro Champ that bring them closer to quality and tone of an original 5F1 and our renowned Classic Tweed Champ. Generally cabs are made of one of four materials: particle board, Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF, hardwood plywood, or solid woods. Brushed brass logo, brown/ivory faceplate. We recommend upgrading the speaker as well. Whether you’re welding or working in a power plant, the ability to calculate three-phase power can prove handy. Absolutely love this but had a chance to buy the Vinny Reverb combo in a custom color and jumped on it. What do you mean by Lacquered Tweed? — Carl's Custom Amps. it’s a wonderful recording amp. The first is a recent 1471 Silvertone amp that came in for repair. Here's a cool custom harmonica amp I. The pictures show it set up in Cathode bias mode with 6V6 power tubes at a LOUD 17-20 watts. It's well worth the wait! Description: The Tweed Club Pro is our new ultra-flexible Tweed amp fitted with London Power Scaling so you can play it anywhere and still get great cranked up power tube overdrive. Carl's Custom Amps Tweed Recording Pro 1x12 10W Hand …. Ottime condizioni perfettamente funzionante. And I think they're pretty damn . Note the new head cabs are very slightly different with 3/4” sides rather than 5/8” and no top vent. Carl is mostly known for his American-style handwired amps, but he does a line of British-style amps too. D-Lab Fender Princeton 5F2 clone tube guitar amp beautiful Tweed cabinet 10" speaker. Particle board is made of sawdust and wood chips that held together by glue. Cabinet: Finger-jointed pine with custom brown Tolex and grill cloths. It was the first Fender Princeton model to be 15W it’s sound represents transition period between the Tweed and Blackface sound. Can use a 6V6 for 5 Watts or any 6L6 type or 5881 tube type for 10 Watts all without biasing! The Octal Princeton is my modified version of the early Tweed Princeton. Speaker Soak Guitar Amp Power Tube Speaker Line. MOJOTONE FENDER CLONE 5E3 DELUXE GUITAR AMPLIFIER 2010's - TWEED TUBE AMP. 95 ) Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List. These are good little amps for Harmonica but would need. I bought a "new/old stock" PRS SE20 combo amp for home use, a year ago. It's a 4x10 Combo that land somewhere between the fairly clean Tweed Bassman and the much loved dirtier Masco Amps. Peavey 6505 Piranha Micro Head & 1 x8 Cabinet. Similar sites like ivanrichards. 99 USD 30W with 5881s/6L6WGbs $1,844. 2 NOS Tung Sol 5881s in the power section. It's an inexpensive material and easy to machine. Carl's Custom Amps True Tone Cabinet 1x12 (Jensen C12N 16ohm). Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure 1x12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet (Lacquered Tweed) $347. I am letting go my RedPlate TweedyVerb+ Amp. ) Tried replacing spkr, no change. Kova Aani Amps Voyager mk1 2020 Green. Carl's Custom Amps 1x12 Natural Finish Extension Cabinet Many Speaker Options. Carl's Custom Amps Classic Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Dark Tweed Video Demo! Best …. is more than 1,100 restaurants strong, all across the U. Up for grabs is my custom built, hand wired, Firebelly Amps DL2215SE, this is a special order amp. This is mint with almost no play time. I just had it run through to ensure that it was in peak performing condi. I have way too many amps and guitars, so, this is getting listed!. Up for sale, a Carl's Custom Amps Blonde 20W boutique tube combo amplifier in near mint condition and in perfect working order. The dual primary allows for EU use. The Carl's Custom Amps version is point to point hand wired and built with high quality parts for great sound a reliability! It's a clean boost pedal anyone can appreciate! True bypass!. Carl's Custom Amps Mod Kit for Fender 65' Princeton Reverb and 68' Custom Reverb. Vibrato or tremolo was standard on most of the brown amps, and though their production was short lived they made quite an. They are usually just a network of power resistors. The Chicago Harpmaster 5 is the newest of your line of harmonica amps. Carl's Custom Amps is Weber, Celestion, Eminence and Jensen Dealer so we can provide any speaker. and featured the single-rectifier power supply exactly like the 5E7 Bandmaster and the 5F4 Super. Do I need power scaling? : r/GuitarAmps. Over the years the Princeton has undergone many circuit and cosmetic changes. Carl Jung is a fascinating character in psychology’s history. Description: 5W watts of great early 50’s harp tone. This is a quad 6v6 amp that is a spot on recreation of the amazing Jim Kelley amp with the following. Near Mint!The amp, without a cabinet orspeaker, was built on March4, 2020 by David Allen himself. Peavey Classic 30 112 Tweed II Guitar Amplifier. 2023 Roadhouse Amps Model 15 "Deluxe" $2,395. Want a Custom Speaker Cab Made? Contact me!! carlscustomamps@gmail. P2P Amps Uncle Larry Tweed Deluxe (5E3). Some are no charge and some will add the cost. JTM-45 Style Head 45W KT66s Carl's Custom Amps CPC-45M Black & Gold. *NOTE: I am also trying to sell individually if that is preferred!* Black tweed. The 5F1 is the king of recording and practice amps. It came to me in bad condition with lots of noise and hardly. Carl's Custom Amps In Stock Amps and Items Tweed Amps Introduction to Classic Tweeds CPC-5T Classic 5F1 Tweed Champ Tweed Recording Pro (Champ Tones with London Power Scaling) Octal Princeton Classic …. Carl's Custom Amps IN STOCK Tweed Octal Princeton 1x8 Combo Vintage Alnico Speaker. Carl's Custom Amps">Tweed Club Pro 20W with London Power Scaling — Carl's Custom Amps. P2P Handwired "Uncle Larry". Carl's Custom Amps Classic Tweed Champ 5F1 1x12 Combo Circuit The Best Champ out there! Brand New. The amp sound stiffer and has less definition than it should have. This amp has a much bolder tone compared to the later higher power models and fits wonderful for big. Carl's Custom Amps is in high demand! Please allow 8 to 14 weeks to be built, tested, and shipped. The company is headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Note: Custom cosmetic options are available. Matching 1x12 cabinet loaded with Weber Blue Dog alnico speaker. This amp is in fantastic condition. com Carl Carrasco builds custom amps with Power Scaling. This 1966 Fender Super Reverb had. Ahhhh, the long suffering quest for that perfect guitar tone. Carl's Custom Amps British Special Combo 20W version 20W of classic Marshall crunch with London Power Scaling. Cabinet and cover were custom ordered. 52 Amplifier Heads, week 49—Carl's Custom Amps Lite 18 Watt Plexi. One that interested me was from Carl’s Custom Amps. Carl's Custom Amps · March 29, 2018 · March 29, 2018 ·. All my amps are meticulously hand wired, expertly planned and vigorously tested to ensure each one is best it can …. He stopped the truck, and she int. It's a 20W Clean amp related to the 60's Fender Blackface amps but has more character and richness with a special multi-stage clean pre-amp. In some positions they can distort the audio signal which is sometimes (not always) desirable. Built my Strat with 50's spec's, 71/4, v neck, handmade 50's low ohm p/up's, have re-coned 50's speakers with original alnico coils, now I have the matching Tweed Princeton circuit to complete my tone quest. CARL'S CUSTOM GUITARS PROUDLY PRESENTS: THE SPEAKER SOAK!!! Achieve wide open power tube tones at manageable volume levels simply, effectively & AFFORDABLY! True guitar amp speaker attenuator for 16 ohm amps of 60 watts or less! Available in 4, 8 and 16 ohm versions, see all my models here in my. Full moneyback satisfaction guarantee on all of my products. NOW HERE ARE THE DETAILS FROM CARL'S OWN WEBSITE: Carl's Custom Amps 5F1 Classic Champ Carl's Custom Amps is in high demand! The 5F1 is the king of recording and practice amps. I’d like something that’s a good pedal platform amp. The Blonde 20W is based on the Instrument Channel of a 1964 Bassman and takes the rich, …. The Volume Box takes care of that with its nice smooth Audio Taper Control, DEFINITELY the most cost effective investment you can make for your amp, A great way to discover a whole new range of tones on your amplifier. I had an amp from Carroll for a few years. our amp transformers can customize audio for any amp with inspirational and superior sound. 65 Amps Hi-Powered Soho Amp Head 2000's black. Boutique Hand wired All-tube Guitar and Harmonica Amps, Tweed Amps, Plexi style Amps, and many others. The first one started it's life as a Tweed Bassman that was then modded into a JCM 800. In fact I'm about to put it under the mics and do some guitar overdubs. Tyler amps 2 x 10" speaker Cabinet Tweed. In the 30W version It uses 5881s for. Carl's Custom Amps Tweed Club Pro 20W to 1/10W with London. Carl's Custom Amps is in high demand! Please allow 12 to 16 weeks to be built, tested, and shipped. Our amps will be all tube and hand wired point to point using only the highest quality components. British Champion 1x8 and 1x12 Combos. Carl's Custom Amps Classic Tweed Champ 5F1 Circuit The Best Champ out there! In Stock! Brand New. Man I've been thinking hard about getting a blonde 20 watt head if his. With my strat, I like to have the amp in the '62 setting and the "crisp" setting. Carl's Custom Amps British Royale 15 Head AC- Vox Type Tones with London Power Scaling. This guy has built amps for the white stripes, and the hold steady. Not only do they look great, the folks there define great customer service!. Carl's Custom Amps 30W CPC-80T Tumblin' Dice Tweed Twin Style Head and 2X12 Cab IMPORTANT: Please Contact me prior purchasing. Scarecrow Amps SuperVibrolux 2006 Natural Lacquered Pine one of a kind. Carl's Custom Amps 5F2A Tweed Princeton Head Cabinet 2022. Carl's Custom Amps Classic Tweed Deluxe Head 5E3 15 watts Video Demo! Best 5E3 Anywhere! Brand New. This listing is for a used Surprise Sound Lab SE-5 Speaker Emulator. The main trouble with harmonic tremolos is that they take three 12AX7s to run! Many amps do not even have that many pre-amp tubes. 5F1 - 5F2 Tweed Champ Princeton Atomic Garage Amps "Sputnik Junior" 12" Speaker - Rough Blonde Tolex Fender Style. Carl's Custom Amps Blonde Series Amps, Fender Blonde Style …. Tyler Amps 12/10 Cabinet with Upgraded speakers!. I have this listed on other sites and popular gear forums and will remove if …. Mojotone custom bluesbreaker grill cloth 212 2x12 slant cabinet black with pair of Scumback Scumnico S75-PVC alnico speakers Mojotone Scumback - Black. At the age of 22, Dean was driving by the Wishy Washy Laundromat in Nashville, Tennessee, in his truck when he saw a young girl that he decided he had to talk to. The Classic Champ is the king of recording and practice amps. The overdrive is usually power tube breakup or combination of pre-amp and power amp breakup which sounds different. Carls Customs Speaker Soak vs Attenuator?. We are experiencing very high demand. One IN STOCK and Ready to Ship. Properly setup the High-Power Twin is one of the greatest amps ever created. Thanks again Carl! Stevie---WA "What a little fire breather!. For the purposes of our discussion we will only consider the classic Princetons made from 1946 to 1981. This will ensure you will not be blowing speakers on a regular basis. Carl's Custom Amps 48' Drive Overdrive/Boost Pedal PTP Hand. We will largely stop servicing made PCB board amplifiers. Purchached in 2016, used in recordings of Bird Watcher, and Sunsleeper. 3rdRail Amps - Brown Deluxe 6G3 - Handwired - 1-12" Repro Cab. Introduction to Classic Tweeds; Classic 5F1 Tweed Champ; Tweed Recording Pro 10W to 1/10W (Champ Tones with London Power Scaling) My tweed amps are finished with lacquer like the original Fenders in a few different colors. The octal pre-amp is grid-leak biased and it uses a paraphase phase inverter which imparts incredibly fat and responsive overdrive. carls custom amps octal princeton 1x12 combo amp cover. Carls Custom Amps Clean Machine 40- Blackface Bassman Style Amp- ExcellentOrdered this new direct form Carls website as a one-off custom build. Woven Patch cables--Soldered Lava …. Carl's Custom Amps E-Boost Echoplex Pre-amp Style Boost Please allow 30 days to be built, tested, and shipped Over the years the Echoplex tape echo has been the choice of many players to use not just as a delay but as pre-amp to flavor an boost their amps. polytone minibrute PA cabinet speaker 1970s - black tolex- works great. I'm really luck to have such great customers. London Power’s Power Scaling: The AC series amps are incredibly loud amps and were designed for big stages. Oldfield Deluxe Classic AmpThis is a custom made replica of a black panel Deluxe Reverb. Restoration, Repairs and Mods — Carl's Custom Amps. mission amps custom harvard combo amp cover $55. Carl's Custom Amps builds tube amplifiers for musical instrument, does repairs on amplifiers, and bu. Cab with Weber Legacy Speaker 8 ohm 65W. Fender 1959 Bassman LTD 4x10" Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier (Lacquer Tweed Covering) $260. 6L6 in it, but seller says it'll take 6v6's. Many production amps (lower cost tube amps) have carbon film resistors because they are cheaper than other types saving the builder a few bucks per unit. Princeton 5F2 Clone w/ boost switches (w/ tubes) $729. Many tube amps are over powered for the average users volume. Fender ‘57 Custom Handwired Tweed Twin-Amp. Hi this is Carl with Carl's Custom Amps. The Volume Box takes care of that with its nice smooth Audio Taper Control, DEFINITELY the most cost effective investment you can make for your amp, A great way to discover a whole new range of tones on your amplifier! Simply plug The Volume Box into the effect loop on your amp using standard instrument cables (that's the preamp out and power. I learned this lesson with the first amp I ever built. This practice is how all Weber Speaker amp kits are done. Carls Custom Amps Classic Tweed Champ 1x8 Combo 14"Wx13"Hx8. The nuts are UL listed and perfectly safe. Hand wired and available as a 1X8 or 1X12 combo. Are any brands of guitar missing from the list?. Speaker Soak 16 Ohm Attenuator (10) 1 available for $55. 5W watts of great early 50’s harp tone in 1x8 combo. Fender 57’ Tweed Deluxe is one their best RI amps. Aug 13, 2021 - Explore Screamin' K Phillips's board "Diy guitar pedal", followed by 119 people on Pinterest. The amp is cathode biased and uses a tube rectifier. It's not a toy either! This is seriously great tone for home or recording and is actually a really cool overdrive "pedal" for other amps too. See photosDescription:The British Royal 5 is my take on the Vox sound in low wattage format perfect for playing. We are committed to providing the most discriminating guitarists in the universe the best possible 4051 W State Road 46, Sanford, FL 32771. Basic tone/volume controls with a Green Beret Warehouse speaker. At Carl's Custom Amps I build vintage style tubes amps from the 50's, …. It increases the volume and thickens sound and giving a distinct overdrive sound that is reminiscent of those great sound that those late 40' and early 50's amps have when cranked up. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Styled after the famous Fender Late 50's Bassman with premium parts it will give you great vintage tone. Fender’s 65” Deluxe Reverb reissue and 68’ Custom Deluxe Reverb re-issue can be modded to sound much more vintage, less muddy, and less harsh. Carl' Custom Amps British Custom 7 7 Watts of Hot Rodded British Hi Gain Hand wired! Grey Cage 1 X El84 and 2 X 12AX7s Gain, Master Volume, Treble, Bass, and Middle controls Unique mid boost switch allows many tonal possibilities 8 and 4 Ohm Speaker Outs Solid State Rectified "The amp look. Each amp is built one at a time with great care so no rushing is possible. Silvertone Model 1471 Vintage 5 Watt Tube 1x8 Combo Amplifier 1961-1962 - Sears and Roebuck. A couple of new amps! They are both low wattage. The Carl's Custom Amps Lite 18 Watt Plexi is not only a custom built amplifier, it's one with options. Carl's Custom Amps Classic Tweed CPC-30 Tweed Super 2X10 Combo Your choice of 15W or 30W all with the same tube compliment. It has a warm, articulate cleans and to die for overdrive. Carl's Custom Amps Octal Tweed Deluxe TV Front …. Carl always responds quickly and answers all questions.  Essentially, this amp is like. This cabinet has great tone and cool dark lacquer finish and comes stock with a pair of Weber 10A125 Alinco speakers. Pretty much every great rock band worth it's salt has had Plexi amps as part of their sound as one time. It has just a few hours of use and looks new. Other themes include people not remembering the lessons that history teaches and pe. The amp is very versatile and I have not gotten a tone out of it that I have not liked thus far. Nashville Amp Works by Morgan 5e3 Tweed Deluxe. This has 4 Vintage Jensen P10S MINT! bell covered speakers( worth $350) alone. Carl's Custom Amps">Octal Signature 15W or 30W — Carl's Custom Amps. 30W Chicago Harp Master Head by Carl's Custom Amps Masco/Fender Octal Pre-Amp. Carl's Custom Amps Blonde Series Amps, Fender Blonde Style. Please feel free to ask questions. Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 1x12" 40 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo - Tweed. 10% restocking fee on buyer cancelled orders. Custom Tolex (contact with specs pricing varies) KT66 Classic Marshall Tube Set 5881 Earliest Marshall Power Tube. Carl's Custom Amps 20W Plexi-style handwired tube head London Power Scaling EL34. If it wasn't, then it was a close second behind the Deluxe Reverb. The first one is a Tweed Deluxe but with London Power Scaling so it can be played very quietly with the wattage ranging from 15W. It’s fat sound comes from the octal 6SL7 pre-amp tube, a 5Y3 recitifer and 6V6 power tube. 5W of Perfect Chicago Harmonica Tone. I've been wanting a blonde/brown fender type amp for some time. Can a Low Wattage Amp Push a large Speaker Cab?. Carl's Custom Amps Chicago Harp Master 5. Carl's Custom Amps Texas Tremolo 1X12 Combo Tweed Vibrolux ….